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Technical Focus Areas: CT Reconstruction and Analysis
Signal and image processing for reconstruction of Computed Tomography data and its analysis in support of nondestructive characterization

X-ray scan

Our Capabilities

The LLNL Nondestructive Characterization Institute was created in 1999 to consolidate research efforts in X- and gamma-radiography, computed tomography, visual and infrared imaging, ultrasonics, and micropower impulse radar imaging that have been active at the Laboratory for decades.

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Dr. Harry Martz, Jr., (925) 423-4269,
Director, LLNL Center for Nondestructive Characterization

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In the Spotlight —
CT Studies for DHS

The Research Problem

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needed improved image processing algorithms for airport luggage screening, along with better characterization of signatures for homemade explosives and other bomb-making materials.

The Results

X-ray Scanner

Dr. Harry Martz has conducted X-ray signature studies that have provided DHS with critical information required to enhance improvised threat detection capabilities

A senior DHS scientific adviser