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Technical Focus Areas: Radiation Detection and Isotope ID
Signal processing techniques allow for detection and identification of radiation anomalies in complex environments

Radiation Detection

Our Capabilities

Expertise in radiation detection has spanned decades of research at LLNL. Unparalleled insight into detector physics, radiation transport codes and nuclear materials properties inform our work. Such understanding is closely joined with statistical modeling, complex simulations, and advanced signal processing.

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David H. Chambers, (925) 423-8893,
Co-Director, CASIS

In the Spotlight —
The Large-Area Imager

The Challenge

Naturally-occurring radioactive materials abound, and radiation levels vary from place to place. Quickly locating radioactive contraband in the presence of such variations within a large region is difficult.

The Results

The Large-Area Imager can sweep an area about 25 times faster than other detection technologies, dramatically reducing the time necessary to conduct a search.

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