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Welcome to the 10th Annual Signal and Imaging Sciences Workshop

November 20-21, 2003
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Building 123 Auditorium

A Workshop for LLNL, UC Community personnel and others to share accomplishments, ideas, and areas of need in the Signal and Imaging Sciences. We are soliciting 15-minute presentations or poster sessions for the Workshop.

No Workshop Fees - Complimentary Lunch and Refreshments


November 20
Dr.Thomas Budinger,
Chair, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley

November 21
To be announced

  • Applied Imaging (astronomy, medical, satellite, forensic, intelligence, etc.)
  • Image/Signal/Control Algorithms/Image Processing Software
  • Signal/Image Processing Hardware
  • Real-time Signal Processing/Control/Imaging
  • Synthetic Generation of Scientific Image
  • Applied Siganl Processing (medical, communications, NDE, etc.)
  • Sensors and Detection System
  • Applications
  • Other




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