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Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques Workshop

April 6–7, 2021


The workshop will examine current opportunities and challenges for electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methods spanning from quasistatic measurements to terahertz frequencies. The forum is intended to enable a productive exchange of ideas on state-of-the-art technologies and recent developments in electromagnetic NDE sensors, signal processing, inverse problems and uncertainty quantification, applied to emerging application spaces. In collaboration with American Society for Nondestructive Testing, we anticipate broad interactions and discussions with leading experts in the NDE community from academia, industry and government.


Technique focus areas:

  • Electromagnetic NDE sensing systems
  • Numerical modeling of electromagnetic NDE
  • Interferometry, imaging and inverse problems
  • Damage diagnosis and prognosis

Application focus areas:

  • In-situ characterization for additive manufacturing
  • NDE of composite materials
  • Biomedical applications of electromagnetic NDE
  • Sub-surface characterization and monitoring

Organizing Committee

  • Program Chair: Saptarshi Mukherjee
  • Coordination lead: Owen Mays
  • Technical Program lead: Tammy Chang
  • Applications Lead: Joe Tringe
  • Publicity Chair: Dave Chambers

Support Team

Technical POC: Saptarshi Mukherjee, LLNL,

Administrative POC: Karen Roland, LLNL,
Admin: Vera Sanchez, LLNL

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DAY 1, April 6, 2021

1:00 PM Robert M. Sharpe LLNL Introduction to the workshop
1:15 PM Christopher Spadaccini LLNL Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory Collaborations
1:30 PM Keynote:
Douglas McMakin  |  Bio
Imago IQ LLC Near-Field Radar Imaging Technology for Present and Future NDE Applications  |  Abstract
2:30 PM Prof. Ali M. Niknejad  |  Bio University of California Berkeley mm-Wave CMOS to the Rescue: Communication and Enhanced BioSensing  |  Abstract
3:00 PM Prof. J.-C. Chiao  |  Bio Southern Methodist University Electromagnetic Sensors for Closed-loop Health Management  |  Abstract
3:30 PM Christina Morency  |  Bio LLNL Ground penetrating radar numerical modeling for subsurface characterization  |  Abstract
4:00 PM Prof. Yiming Deng  |  Bio Michigan State University Prognostics and Uncertainties Quantification in NDE  |  Abstract
4:30 PM Anish Poudel  |  Bio ASNT ASNT and Emerging NDE Technologies  |  Abstract

DAY 2, April 7, 2021

1:00 PM Keynote:
Prof. Lalita Udpa  |  Bio
Michigan State University Overview of Electromagnetic NDE for metals and Composites  |  Abstract
2:00 PM Matthew Cherry  |  Bio Airforce Research Laboratory Eddy current testing for aerospace applications  |  Abstract
2:30 PM Daniel Perey  |  Bio NASA Langley NASA’s Current and Future Needs and Research in Composite Structure NDE  |  Abstract
3:00 PM Prof. Reza Zoughi  |  Bio Iowa State University Microwave and Millimeter Wave NDE – No Longer Emerging Technologies  |  Abstract
3:30 PM Prof. Kenneth J. Loh  |  Bio University of California San Diego Noninvasive Spatial Structural Sensing Enabled by Tomographic Methods  |  Abstract
4:00 PM Panel members Panel discussion: Future of electromagnetic NDE
4:50 PM Saptarshi Mukherjee LLNL Closing session and summary

Keynote Speakers

Doug McMakin

Doug McMakin

Imago IQ LLC

“Near-Field Radar Imaging Technology for Present and Future NDE Applications”

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Prof. Lalita Udpa

Prof. Lalita Udpa

University Distinguished Professor,
Michigan State University

“Overview of Electromagnetic NDE for metals and Composites”

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