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The workshop will examine current opportunities and challenges for the signal and image sciences community. The forum is intended to enable a productive exchange of ideas on state-of-the-art technologies and recent developments. With the goal of sparking interesting discussions, we encourage submission of intermediate results from ongoing projects or recent conference papers. To enhance technical exchange between participants, we are also encouraging posters for this Workshop. The event is open to all engineers, scientists, and students with an interest in the signal and image sciences who are employed at LLNL only this year.

The workshop will be held in-person at the Livermore Valley Open Campus (LVOC), 643 R1400, and requires pre-registration. Coffee and snacks will be provide for morning/afternoon breaks.

We are monitoring the current development and guidelines provided by LLNL to make sure we are following best practices with respect to COVID. Please see current guidelines on the [Return to New Normal] website.


This year’s workshop will feature the following tracks, moderated by the Program Chairs:

Organizing Committee

  • Workshop Chair: Ruben Glatt
  • Workshop Co-Chair: Dave Chambers
  • Co-Organizers: Grace Hong and Alysia Nieto

Program Chairs

  • Hiranmayi Ranganathan
  • Sean Lehman
  • Ryan Goldhahn
  • K. Aditya Mohan
  • Laura Kegelmeyer

Supported by:

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Diversity Statement

At LLNL we embrace our core values, of which creating an inclusive environment for all staff, collaborators, and visitors is a central element. Our senior leadership team is committed to meeting the calling of inclusiveness and mutual respect. We aspire to create a diverse workforce and an equitable and inclusive workplace where all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the Laboratory’s success.

Call for Submissions

Abstract deadline: Friday, August 12th   |    Speaker confirmation: Friday, August 19th

Proposal submission: Use the Registration button above to submit your abstract. For general questions about the CASIS Workshop, contact Ruben Glatt. For questions about the program, please reach out to the Program Chair of the track you want to present in.


  • Weakly-Supervised Object Recognition - Junhyug Noh
  • Predicting Wind-Driven Spatial Deposition through Simulated Color Images using Deep Autoencoders - Giselle Fernandez
  • Augmented Inspection Analysis for new optic on NIF - Priyanka Nagasamudra
  • GridSweep: Active Probing of the Power Grid - Philip Top
  • Noise Floor and Enabled Physics - Abbie Warrick


SESSION 1: 8:00–9:30am

8:00–8:10am WELCOME Ruben Glatt

Collaborative Autonomy (Session Chair: Ryan Goldhahn)

8:10–8:30am Decentralized Bayesian Estimation on Sensor Networks via MCMC and Variational Inference Jose Cadena Pico
8:30–8:50am Hierarchical Bayesian Learning for Robust Decision Making in Multi-agent Systems Will Dawson
8:50–9:10am Bayesian Multiagent Active Sensing and Localization via Decentralized Posterior Sampling Braden Soper
9:10–9:30am Reliable Decentralized Solvers in Unreliable Computing Environments Alyson Fox
9:30–10:00am Coffee Break + Poster Session

SESSION 2: 10:00am–12:00pm

Machine Learning/Deep Learning (Session Chair: Hiran Ranganathan)

10:00–10:20am Predicting Wind-Driven Spatial Deposition through Simulated Color Images using Deep Autoencoders Giselle Fernandez
10:20–10:40am Frameworks for Consistent Unsupervised Network Alignment Mark Heimann
10:40–11:00am Single Model Uncertainty Quantification via Stochastic Data Centering Rushil Anirudh
11:00–11:20am Pion reconstruction in the ATLAS detector using Graph Neural Networks Piyush Karande
11:20–11:40am Machine Learning in Manufacturing Process Yeping Hu
11:40am–12:00pm Structured Sparse Models for the Microbiome Andre Goncalves
12:00–1:00pm Lunch Break

SESSION 3: 1:00–2:40pm

Inverse problems, Remote and Noninvasive Sensing (Session Chair: Sean Lehman)

1:00–1:20pm A Broadband Multistatic Radar for Trajectory Identification of Multiple Small Caliber Targets Sean Lehman
1:20–1:40pm Fourier Based Analysis for the Scorpius Beam Position Monitor: Calibration Test Stand Studies Aaron Fetterman
1:40–2:00pm Fourier Based Analysis for the Scorpius Beam Position Monitor: Operational Testing Charles Melton
2:00–2:20pm GridSweep: Active Probing of the Power Grid Philip Top

Non-Destructive Evaluation I (Session Chair: K. Aditya Mohan)

2:20–2:40pm Iterative Phase Retrieval for X-ray Phase Contrast Tomography using Non-Linear Measurement Models K. Aditya Mohan
2:40–3:30pm Coffee Break + Poster Session

SESSION 4: 3:30–5:00pm

National Ignition Facility (Session Chair: Laura Kegelmayer)

3:30–3:40pm NIF Intro Laura Kegelmeyer
3:40–4:00pm An automated microscopy system to identify damage on the National Ignition Facilities (NIF) final optics Christopher Miller
4:00–4:20pm Data-driven models for improved preshot predictions of NIF experiments Kelli Humbird

Non-Destructive Evaluation II (Session Chair: K. Aditya Mohan)

4:20–4:40pm Model-based Iterative Algorithm for CT Detector Geometry Calibration Venkatesh Sridhar
4:45–5:00pm Phase Retrieval of Homogeneous Objects with Polyenergetic X-rays Tegan Lakshmanan
5:00–5:10pm CLOSING Dave Chambers