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The workshop will examine current opportunities and challenges for the signal and image sciences community. The forum is intended to enable a productive exchange of ideas on state-of-the-art technologies and recent developments. With the goal of sparking interesting discussions, we encourage submission of intermediate results from ongoing projects or recent conference papers. To enhance technical exchange between participants, we are also encouraging posters for this Workshop. The event is open to all engineers, scientists, and students with an interest in the signal and image sciences and is free of charge.


Among the broad range of technical topics slated are computed-tomography reconstruction and analysis, signal- and image processing and control in support of the National Ignition Facility, radiation detection and isotope ID, electromagnetic sensing methods, adaptive optics, novel sensing modalities (gravity gradiometry, biomedical and geophysical sensing), computer vision and video analytics, and machine learning and pattern analysis.

Organizing Committee

  • Workshop Chair: Dave Chambers, CASIS Director
  • Program Chair: Kyle Champley
  • Co-Chairs: Hiranmayi Ranganathan and Ruben Glatt

Support Team

  • Administrative POC: Vera Sanchez

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Keynote & Featured Speakers

Dr. Petros Boufounos

Dr. Petros Boufounos KEYNOTE SPEAKER

Mitubishi Electric Research Laboratories

“The Computational-Sensing Revolution in Array Processing”

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Dr. Anderson Avila


Huawei Canada

“On the use of blind channel response estimation and a residual neural network to detect physical access attacks to speaker verification systems”

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Dr. Christine Allen-Blanchette

Dr. Christine Allen-Blanchette FEATURED SPEAKER

Princeton University

“Leveraging Dataset Structure for Neural Network Prediction”

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DAY 1, August 4, 2021

8:30–8:50am Opening Remarks

SESSION β€” NIF Chair: Theresa Ann Green

8:50–9:10am Liliana Wang Adaptive Optics optimization method with Hadamard basis for soil imaging
9:10–9:30am Brad Funsten Characterization of hCMOS Sensors for Flash X-ray Environments
9:30–9:50am Erik Davies Toward a 3D Velocity Interferometer Testbed: Concept and Algorithm Exploration

SESSION β€” Computer Vision Chair: Alan David Kaplan

9:50–10:10am Rushil Anirudh Generative Patch Priors for Compressive Image Recovery
10:10–10:30am Aditya Mohan AutoAtlas: Neural Network for 3D Unsupervised Partitioning and Representation Learning
10:30–10:50am Amar Saini Computational Visual Perception with Motion Boundary Sense and Conditional Attentive Latent Inference

SESSION β€” Machine Learning Chairs: Hiranmayi Ranganathan, Ruben Glatt

10:50–11:10am Bhavya Kaikhura Making AI Foolproof for Mission-Critical Applications
11:10–11:30am Mikel Landajuela Deep Symbolic Optimization: A framework for symbolic optimization using Deep Learning
11:30–11:50am Brian Giera Autonomous Multimodal Manufacturing Optimization


11:50am–12:20pm Dr. Anderson Avila On the use of blind channel response estimation and a residual neural network to detect physical access attacks to speaker verification systems
12:20–12:50pm Dr. Christine Allen-Blanchette Leveraging Dataset Structure for Neural Network Prediction

DAY 2, August 5, 2021

8:30–8:50am Opening Remarks


8:50–9:50am Dr. Petros Boufounos The Computational-Sensing Revolution in Array Processing

SESSION β€” Oscillations, Vibrations, and Stuff Chair: Sean K. Lehman

9:50–10:10am Brian Worthmann Modeling Buried Object Brightness and Visibility for Ground Penetrating Radar
10:10–10:30am Yaniv Rosen The LLNL Quantum Design and Integration Testbed
10:30–10:50am Saptarshi Mukherjee Electrical Impedance Tomography Based on Adjoint Field-Sensitivity for Damage Detection in Highly Conductive Additively Manufactured Metal Mesh Structures
10:50–11:10am Sean Lehman A Broadband Multistatic Radar for Trajectory Indentification of Multiple Small Caliber Targets

SESSION β€” NDE Chair: Kyle M. Champley

11:10–11:30am Rosa Morales Real-time Laster Ultrasonic Monitoring of Laser-inducing Heating and Melting Processes
11:30–11:50am Haichao Miao Virtual Inspections: Visualization and Analysis of Complex Parts in Virtual Reality
11:50am–12:10pm Venkatesh Sridhar Fast model-based algorithms for imaging through atmospheric turbulence


12:11–12:14pm David Erskine Toward a 3D Velocity Interferometer Testbed: Early Results
12:14–12:17pm Sam Ade Jacobs Learning to learn at HPC scale
12:17–12:20pm Aditya Mohan Constrained Non-Linear Phase Retrieval for Single Distance X-ray Phase Contrast Tomography


1:00–3:00pm Virtual Poster Session     [ ENTER HERE ]

Call for Submissions

Abstract deadline: Wednesday, July 7th
Speaker confirmation: TBD
Proposal submission: Please email title and short abstract to Kyle Champley ( Abstracts are used to organize sessions and will not be published.