Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

CASISOur Mission

To establish a forum where research scientists and engineers can freely exchange information and ideas in a comfortable intellectual environment focused on the areas of the signal and image sciences.

  • To develop an open liaison between various Signal & Image Processing groups in industry, government and academia, and establish open channels for transfer of technology.
  • To transfer timely technical information through the media of invited seminars, short courses, publications and technical presentations.
  • To keep up close liaison and coordination with all Laboratory groups performing research and development related to the Signal & Imaging Sciences.
  • To establish a Library with current publications (texts, software, journals, reports, database, etc.) related to the Signal & Imaging Sciences.
  • To develop an annual Signal & Imaging Sciences Workshop at LLNL, and other seminars.
  • To establish a Center for LLNL researchers to meet, discuss and exchange ideas in the Signal & Imaging Sciences.