Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Welcome to CASIS and LLNL! 8:45 AM

Nondestructive Characterization Institute Introduction — Kyle Champley (LLNL) 9:00 AM

Break 10:00 AM

Geophysical Signal Processing — Douglas Dodge and Dennise Templeton (LLNL) 10:15 AM

Signal and Image Processing on the Edge: Novel Solutions for Hard Problems — Brock Beauchamp (LLNL) 11:00 AM

Lunch Break 12:00 PM

Welcome 12:45 PM
Patricia Falcone Deputy Director for Science & Technology, LLNL

Keynote Address: Fast, Automated 3D Modeling of Building Interiors 1:00 PM
Professor Avideh Zakhor University of California, Berkeley

Poster Session 2:00 PM

  • Advanced Data Analytics for Proliferation Detection
    1. Eddy Banks
    2. Jim Brase
    1. Jim Smith
    1. Danny Rintoul
    1. Mark Greaves
    1. Philip Bingham
  • Uncertainty Quantification for Material Strength Models
    1. Jason Bernstein
    2. Kathleen Schmidt
    3. David Rivera
    4. Nathan Barton
    5. Jeffrey Florando
    6. Ana Kupresanin
  • Development of a Compact Single Volume Neutron Scatter Camera
    1. Josh Brown
  • Critical Spatial Clusters for Vaccine Preventable Diseases
    1. Jose Cadena
    2. Anil Vullikanti
    3. Achla Marathe
  • Vibrational Response Estimation Proof of Concept
    1. Justin Case
    2. J. V. Candy et al.
  • Searching for Induced Seismicity at Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site using Subspace Detectors
    1. Doug Dodge
  • Using Dynamic Correlation Processors as Nuisance Signal Screens in Seismic Monitoring Systems
    1. Doug Dodge
  • Improved VISAR interferogram Analysis through forward Modeling of Fringe Skip Blurring
    1. David Erskine
  • An Unsupervised Deep Learning Approach for Feature Extraction from Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Lipid Membranes
    1. Piyush Karande
    2. Helgi I. Ingólfsson
    3. Timothy S. Carpenter
    4. Felice C. Lightstone
    5. Brian C. Van Essen
  • High-Performance CBCT Reconstruction Platform for Non-Destructive Testing Purposes
    1. Oleg Konings
    2. Tobias Funk
    3. Chris Mitchell
  • Enhanced Detection of Solids using Gaussian Spectral Features
    1. Cory Lanker
    2. Milton O. Smith
  • Automated Analysis Pipeline for NIF Experimental Data
    1. Judy Liebman
    2. C. Albiston
    3. S. Hahn
    4. R. Hatarik
    5. J. Henrikson
    6. F. Munteanu
    7. M. Rever
    8. S. Sukhraj
    9. Y. Tang
    10. A. Warrick
  • Explosion Monitoring with Machine Learning: A LSTM Approach to Seismic Event Discrimination
    1. Steven Magana-Zook
  • Computer Vision and Deep Learning Methods for Material Performance Prediction
    1. Matthew Rever
    2. T. Nathan Mundhenk
    3. Brian Gallagher
    4. Brock Beauchamp
    5. Carmen Carrano
    6. T. Yong Han
  • Facility Informatics with GeoVisipedia
    1. Randy Roberts
    2. J. Goforth
    3. G. Weinert
    4. A. Jolly
    5. J. Neuman
  • Interferometric Open Source Data Fitting for Collimating a Pair of 1-Meter-Diameter 413nm Beams which Interfere to Expose Diffraction Gratings
    1. Michael Rushford
    2. H. T. Nguyen
    3. B. M. Dempsey
    4. J. D. Nissen
  • Imaging Techniques for Ground Penetrating Radar
    1. J. Trueblood
    2. D. Chambers
    3. S. Bond
    4. B. Wihl
  • False Discovery Rate Based Distributed Detection of Chemical Plumes in Collaborative Autonomous Sensor Networks
    1. J. D. Wapman
    2. P. Ray
    3. B. Kailkhura
    4. R. A. Goldhahn

Featured Presentation: Capacity Limits of Spatially Multiplexed Free-Space Communication 3:00 PM
Professor Joseph Kahn Stanford University

Data Science and Machine Learning — Ana Paula Sales (LLNL) 3:30 PM

CASIS Co-Directors: Randy Roberts and David Chambers
Technical Program Chair: Brock Beauchamp
CASIS Publicity Chair: Ryan Goldhahn
Registration and Administration: Vera Sanchez and Monica Gabbard

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