Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Welcome to CASIS and LLNL! 8:45 AM

Geophysical Signal Processing — Douglas Dodge 9:00 AM

Break 10:00 AM

Biotechnology and Computational Biology — Todd Wasson 10:30 AM

Signal and Image Processing at the National Ignition Facility — Judith Liebman 11:15 AM

Lunch Break 12:00 PM

Keynote Address: Data Fusion Using Source Separation: Why and How to Account for
Multiple Types of Statistical Diversity
1:00 PM
Dr. Tülay Adali University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Welcome: Patricia Falcone, Deputy Director for Science & Technology (LLNL)

Poster Session 2:00 PM

Featured Session: Gravitational Wave Detection at the Laser Interferometer
Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)
3:00 PM
Stephen Libby LLNL

Featured Presentation: How to Detect a Gravitational Wave: A Discussion about the
Advanced LIGO Interferometers
3:15 PM
Brian Lantz Ginzton Laboratory, Stanford University Video (link to YouTube) LLNL-VIDEO-697880

Featured Presentation: Listening to the Universe with Advanced LIGO: Detection and
Inference in Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
3:45 PM
Rory Smith LIGO Laboratory, California Institute of Technology Video (link to YouTube) LLNL-VIDEO-697881

Signal and Image Processing on the Edge: Novel Solutions for Hard Problems — Sean Lehman (LLNL) 4:15 PM

CASIS Co-Directors: Randy Roberts and David Chambers

Technical Program Chair: Brock Beauchamp

Local Arrangements/Publicity Chair: Hema Chandrasekaran

Administration: Karla Knox-Stauffer


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