Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Welcome to CASIS and LLNL! 7:55 AM

Geophysics Signal Processing — Christina Morency (LLNL) 8:00 AM

Graph Theory — Goran Konjevod (LLNL) 9:00 AM

Break 10:00 AM

Machine Learning 1 — Judy Liebman (LLNL) 10:20 AM

Applications of Signal Processing — Ryan Goldhahn (LLNL) 11:20 AM

Lunch Break 12:00 PM

Welcome 12:45 PM
Patricia Falcone Deputy Director for Science & Technology, LLNL

Keynote Address: Cyber Attacks on Internet of things Sensor Systems for Inference 1:00 PM
Professor Rick S. Blum Lehigh University

Poster Session 2:00 PM

Featured Presentation: Data Extraction from the Atmospheric Tests Films 3:00 PM
Greg Spriggs LLNL

Non-Destructive Evaluation — Kyle Champley (LLNL) 3:40 PM

Machine Learning 2 — Judy Liebman (LLNL) 4:30 PM

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